Shop assistant and fater

Shop assistant: Can I help you?

Father: yes, I want buy dress for my daughter.

Shop assistant: : Ok, we have got dresses in white, red, pink, yellow and blue colors. What color would you like?

Father: Please white.

Daughter; (Astghik) Dad I don’t love this color. I love yellow color.

Father; can she try it on

Shop assistant: Yes, of course. The changing rooms are over there.

Father: Isn’t it small, Astghik? Have you got a size bigger.

Shop assistant: Yes, here you are.

Daughter: Oh, it’s great! I like it. It suits me, Dad.

Father: How much is it?

Shop assistant: 15.000 (fifteen thousand Armenian Drams).

Fahter: It’s too expensive. Have got a cheaper dress?

Shop Assistant: No, I am sorry, we haven’t got cheaper dresses. It’s expensive but it is very beautiful.

Father: Ok, I will buy it. 

Shop assistant: Would you like to pay by credit card or with cash?

Father: Cash, please. Here is 20.000 Armenian Drams

Shop assistant: Thank you, here is your change 5.000 drams and your receipt.

Father: Thank you.

Shop assistant: Thank you, good-bye. Have nice day.