Making plans

Noy: Hi Alen. How’s it going?

Alen: Oh, hi Noy. Fine, thanks. How are you?
Noy: Yeah, I’m good. Listen, it’s Vahagn’s birthday next week and we’re going to have a surprise celebration this weekend. Do you want to come with us?
Alen: Yeah, that would be great. What are you going to do?
Noy: Well … I’m not sure … have you got any ideas?
Alen: Mmm … how about going to the beach

Noy: Mmm… no Vahagn doesn’t love swimming

Alen: Oh, right. Erm … How about going to the cinema?

Noy: Yeah, maybe … Are there any good films on at the moment?
Alen: Mmm … There’s that one comedy, spider-man.
Noy: Oh, no … we saw that last week. It’s really not that funny.
Alen: Well … what does he like?
Noy: Well … he likes Ice skating … What about Ice skating?
Alen: Yeah! That’s a great idea. Everyone likes ice skating.
Noy: OK.
Alen: When shall we go?
Noy: How about Friday afternoon?
Alen: All right. Where shall we meet?
Noy: Let’s meet at the Ice skating.
Alen: OK. When shall we meet?

Noy: Erm … 4 o’clock?
Alen: OK, that sounds great! So, Friday afternoon, in Ice skating place.
Noy: Yeah, it’s a plan! I’ll tell the others.

Alen: Cool!