English 8.11.2022

  1. Mr Jones doesn’t teach math. He teaches Art

2.The children don’t get up late. They get up early.

3.I don’t read comics. I read books.

4.It don’t snow in summer. It snow in winter.

5.My brother doesn’t like fish. He likes chicken.

6.You don’t drink milk. You drink orange juice.

  1. Does Mike get up early? Yes he does.
  2. Does mike get up late? No, he doesn’t.
  3. Does Pedro and Carmen play the guitar? Yes, they does.
  4. Does Pedro and Carmen play the piano? No, they doesn’t.
  5. Does Sara live in Paris? No, she doesn’t.
  1. Does Sara live in London? Yes, she does.
  2. Do you and Sean eat orange. Yes, we do
  3. Do you and Sean eat apples? No we don’t

1.Do you like chocolate. No I don’t.

2.Does your best friend like football. Yes He like

3.Do you live in a big house. Yes I do

4.Does your friends listen to pop music. Yes they does.

5.Do you watch TV every day. No I don’t.

6.Does your friends play computer games. Yes they does.