1.His sister studies English every day.

2.She studied English two hours ago.

3.Did your brother go to school last Friday? Yes he.

4. I go to bed at ten o’clock every day.

5.I go to bed ten o’clock yesterday.

6.My brother washes his face every morning.

7.Last night he washed his face with soap and water.

8.I don’t have a history lesson every day.

9.We are not rested yesterday.

10.My brother isn’t drinking coffee every day.

11.My mother always takes a bus to get to work, but yesterday she not take a bus. Yesterday she don’t take a bus.

12.Are you talk to the members of your family every day? Yes I. But yesterday I didn’t talk to them. I was very busy yesterday.

13.Are you come to home at six o’clock yesterday? No I. Yesterday I come home from school at half past eight.

14.Mar likes writing stories.

15.Last night she writes a funny story about his pet.

16.Will you tell your mother the truth about the money?

17.Will you wear your polka-dot dress to work? Yes I. I wear it yesterday

18.We liked to go to the beach. we enjoyed swimming in the ocean last week.