1. Will you come to my place next Sunday?

2. Will you read this book next week.

3. Do you read books every Sunday?

4.Are you read a book now?

5.I did not see him tomorrow.

6.What will you do tomorrow?

7.What will your friend do tomorrow?

8.Where will you go next Sunday?

9.Where do you going every morning?

10.Where are you going now?

11. Look! Mary is dancing.

12.She dances every day.

13.Will she dance tomorrow?

14.He will go to theatre tomorrow.

15.We will go to school in morning.

16.Look! Kate is going to school.

17.Wiil you help your mother tomorrow

18.I am not playing the guitar now.

19.My brother plays guitar every day.

20.They will not take care of the garden next summer