1.Listen! the birds are singing in the garden!
2.I often buy fruit from the greengrocer’s!
3.My mother is drinking tea now.
4.Look at Tom and Jim! They are walking up the hill.
5.That man is laughing at the moment.
6.The cat is playing whit a ball now.
7.We always wear warm clothes in winter.
8.He often eats a sandwich at lunchtime.
9.Be quiet. The girls are sleep.
10.how often you are go in the cinema?
11.They never eat carrots?
12.They not like potatoes?
13.What are you do now?
14.Can you see him? He is walking down the street.

1.She eats meat every day.

2.The baby is sleeping at the moment.

3.I goes to bed every night at 10:00 pm.

4.Dad is watching TV now.

5.Mother always wash the dishes

6.Jane is reading a book at the moment.

7.She run very quickly. Look!

I am doing my homework every day.